Affinity Groups

This Affinity Group focuses on developing a common understanding of High Leverage Practices (HLP) that support students with disabilities. Part I will provide an introduction and overview of the HLPs.  Part II will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their understandings and utilization of HLPs.  Part III will provide strategies to implement HLPs both within EPP programs and across statewide systems.

Part I: Introduction and Overview videos

This meeting provides an overview of HLPS and describes how they are essential to promoting improved outcomes and are appropriate for all learners.

Part II: Collaboration and Assessment HLPs

Dr. Wendy Murawski of California State University provides a 30 min presentation with sample charts and examples how to integrate this HLP and EBP's into the curriculum and the many opportunities for collaboration in a school day. She is an expert in the teaching strategy "Co-Teaching". Well worth watching!

Part III: Social/Emotional/Behavioral and Instructional HLPs

Part IV: Strategies to develop a common vision of HLPs across statewide systems

December 2021

Examples from Arizona Coalition for Educator Preparation and Practice. Additional resources: links to AZ HLP Hub, Professional Learning and Sustainability Exceptional Student Learners page, Edweb.

Part V: Strategies for Implementing HLP's in EPP's

This session focuses on how to scale up implementation of HLPs across programs.

This session presents instructional strategies, methods, and assessment tools that can be used to prepare future educators for K-12 online/ blended classroom. Be sure to visit our resource guide for tools that can be used to engage learners.

Part I: Preparing teacher Candidates for Online Learning and Hybrid Instruction

Teaching methods and Curriculum Part 1

Building Better Teachers through Practice

The importance of Practice, features of effective practice, and the implementation cycle.

Opportunities for Faculty Session #2

How to Target the Right Journal

This Affinity Group will explores practice-based learning opportunities as a model for supporting teacher educators’ use of high-leverage practices and evidence-based practices.

Part I: Introduction to Practiced Based Learning Opportunities

This session gives a broad overview of PLOs and focuses on the importance of practice, the features of effective practice and the implementation cycle.

Part II: Strategies for developing prerequisite knowledge of HLP's

This session’s guest speaker was Michael Kennedy who shared examples of how to build knowledge of HLPs using videos.  He also showed us his innovative website COACHED: Capturing Observations and Collaboratively sHaring Educational Data.

Part III: Structured Video Analysis

This session’s guest speakers were Kate Zimmer, Melissa Driver and DaShaunda Patterson who discussed structured video analysis, a practice-based learning opportunity strategy that involves candidates observing a video of their instruction to analyze, reflect and improve implementation.