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What We Do

New Hampshire Educator Effectiveness for Student Success (NHEESS) is a New Hampshire collective focused on the opportunities for continuous improvement through leadership development recognizing needs and current efforts, partnership structures for the P-12 community and the NH Institutions of Higher Education (NH IHE) Network, and support mechanisms for teachers, leaders and student success.

Leadership Development

NHEESS develops school leaders by promoting and facilitating a collaborative culture of ownership towards the learning and success of each and every student.

Program Support

NHEESS offers program support by creating a strategic communications plan to inform, promote and engage the development of effective teachers and principals who influence the change in our schools.


​NHEESS collects and organizes baseline data from New Hampshire schools, districts and Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) on Pre K-12 partnerships. We will share current needs or gaps to design a stronger partnership.

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