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IHE Educator Prep and District Partners

New Hampshire Educator Effectiveness for Student Success (NHEESS) offers resources for NH college educators include partnership structures for the P-12 community and leadership development opportunities.


"Inclusive Lesson Study" as a Professional Learning Opportunity

January 19, 2021

  • Inclusive Lesson Study is variation of Lesson Study designed to guide pre-service teachers to successful implementation of the HLP’s in each step. HLP’s 6,1,12,13 are integrated into a lesson on explicit instruction

Presenter- Kristen Arnald, Whitworth University

  • Video: Training Preservice Teachers to Implement High Leverage Practices- Lesson Study as Professional Opportunity.

Developing Quality Field work experiences: A planning guide for Educator Prep Programs and District Partners. (A Connecticut Workgroup)

(A Connecticut Workgroup)

  • This planning guide, Developing Quality Fieldwork Experiences for Teacher Candidates, is designed to assist professionals within EPPs and local education agencies (LEAs) who are involved in teacher preparation to develop a common vocabulary and an informed method of planning fieldwork experiences for teacher candidates.

The guide provides information for university faculty and school-based educators on defining and planning field experience strategies that are aligned, carefully sequenced, and practice based. These strategies aim to define roles and responsibilities of participants who can make meaningful contributions in developing the next generation of teachers.

Ensuring High Quality Teacher Talent: Partnerships between Teacher Prep Programs and Districts

(Education First, Seattle, Washington (

  • Analysis of leading partnerships between districts and teacher preparation programs yielded a roadmap (see report) with ten recommendations outlining what partners can and should do to build and sustain partnerships.

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