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Principal Leadership Development

New Hampshire Educator Effectiveness for Student Success (NHEESS) offers resources for NH programs including strategic planning, coordination and integration, communication and feedback loops.

Every Student Deserves an Equitable Opportunity to Achieve

  • Eyes Wide Open Leadership: Overview of National Issues Impacting the Principalship

Teachers and leaders are on the front lines of providing an equitable education for all students. School leaders are uniquely situated to operationalize policy and provide access to needed resources and create working conditions for educators to provide services so that students can thrive. In this webinar, we will focus on the roles that leaders play within schools and school systems that support educators, students, and communities. The first session gives a broad overview of the national issues that impact principalship.

Strong Pipelines, Strong Principals: A Guide for Leveraging Federal Resources

December 2021

Elementary School Principal’s Professional Learning: Current Status and Future Needs

Learning Policy Institute (LPI) and National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) October 2020

Strong principals play an important role in creating a positive school culture, retaining good teachers, and ensuring that students’ social and psychological needs are met. This report summarizes what the research literature tells us about the optimal context for professional learning opportunities and the content principals likely need to do their work well.

Supporting Inclusive Schools for the Success of each child: A guide for states on Principal Leadership

Principal development is a critical lever to drive school improvement efforts, achieve states’ equity goals, and ultimately improve outcomes for each student, especially those with disabilities. The Council of Chief State School Officers—in partnership with the CEEDAR Center and Oak Foundation—developed this online guide to help states establish a vision for and advance policies and practices that support principals to lead inclusive schools where each student excels and feels safe, supported, and valued.

Learn About Advancing Principal State Leadership Initiative (2020-2022)

2020 - 2022

CCSSO’s Advancing Inclusive Principal Leadership (AIPL) State Initiative is designed to help state education agencies develop and implement a plan to advance the preparation and practice of effective inclusive principal leadership anchored in this online guide. Through this initiative, four states—Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio—are refining their principal preparation and development efforts to ensure an intentional focus on supporting the academic and social success of each learner, with an emphasis on those with disabilities.

Learning to lead districts, collaborate to strengthen principal practices

(Learning Forward - 2018)

This article describes a learning partnership between district or county leaders and school leaders to create a system of principal professional learning that came to life in principal learning communities across a district or multiple-district region.

Working Better Together: A continuum rubric for self-assessing and strengthening partnerships

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO -2017)

Working Better Together is a tool designed to help local schools, districts, and education preparation providers better understand the attributes of successful partnerships at a variety of developmental stages. The tool’s purpose is to strengthen partnerships between P–12 and education preparation providers. The tool guides partners, or potential partners, through a series of criteria, probing questions, and a continuum of effectiveness levels. This tool aims to help local education agencies (LEA) and education preparation providers work together with greater clarity to achieve truly effective partnerships.

School Leadership for Students with Disabilities

This is a full course with syllabus and materials from the CEEDAR Content Enhancement Modules. Course instructors and PD providers can use these resources in whole or in part to supplement their courses.

50 State Comparison: School Leader Certification and Preparation Programs: Education Commission of States research report

(April 25, 2018)

Education Commission of the States has researched school leader certification and preparation policies in all 50 states to provide this comprehensive resource. Click on the questions below for 50-State Comparisons, showing how all states approach specific policies. Or view a specific state’s approach by going to the individual state profiles page.

Induction and Mentoring Tool KIT (Great Teachers and Leaders at AIR)

The GTL Center’s Mentoring and Induction Toolkit is a ready-to-use resource for states working closely with districts to build strong mentoring and induction programs. The purpose of the GTL Center’s Mentoring and Induction Toolkit is to give regional comprehensive centers (RCCs) and state education agencies (SEAs) tools, resources, and support to facilitate meaningful conversations with local education agencies (LEAs) about the design and implementation of effective, high-quality mentoring and induction programs. Toolkit materials summarize research and best practices, highlight relevant examples, and provide streamlined processes for action planning.

Key Components: The toolkit is divided into 8 modules by topic.

  • Each module includes:

    • An anchor presentation that summarizes research and best practices

    • Handouts that provide supplemental information, and

    • Team tools to facilitate discussion.

See the Toolkit Quick Guide for a list of team tools and their descriptions and the introductory video.

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