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Teacher and Leader Retention and Recruitment

New Hampshire Educator Effectiveness for Student Success (NHEESS) offers resources for NH programs including strategic planning, coordination and integration, communication and feedback loops.


Special Ed Leader Recruitment and Retention Responding to the Need for New Local Special Ed Administrators: A Case Study

Skilled local special education administrators (LSEAs) are difficult to replace. An emerging-leaders pipeline is essential to sustaining and improving quality services for students with disabilities. This paper provides an example of how one state is addressing these challenges. The case study presented here describes the State of Washington’s approach and initial results.

Partnerships to Increase the Special Education Teacher Pipeline

January 25, 2022

Learn about the Educator Shortages in Special Education Toolkit and explore ways this resource can bolster your special education teacher pipeline. This module uses case studies from Arizona and Georgia, two partnering CEEDAR States, to showcase creative ways of implementing the Toolkit.

Educator Shortages in Special Education: Toolkit for Developing Local Strategies

Learning Policy Institute (LPI) and National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) October 2020

Special education teacher shortages have existed for decades. Unfortunately, the urgent need for short-term solutions to fill vacancies often works in opposition to long-term, systemic efforts to create an effective teacher workforce.

The Educator Shortages in Special Education Toolkit is organized around the guiding principle that short-term strategies to meet immediate demand must be intentionally paired with long-term, systemic strategies to attract, prepare, and retain effective special education teachers to create comprehensive shortage solutions. The Toolkit has 4 sections including a facilitators guide and a data collection and assessment tool.

Mentoring & Induction for Educators of Students with Disabilities :Module 6 from the above toolkit  

This module aims to strengthen collaboration between states, districts, and educator preparation programs to ensure that all partners are invested in the creation of local mentoring and induction programs that reinforce the content and skills that teachers and leaders need to serve students with disabilities.

The State of the Special Education Profession Survey Report ( 2019)


The State of the Special Education Profession survey was commissioned by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Pioneers Division and supported by CEC. It provides a current snapshot of the state of the special education profession and serves as a foundation for CEC leadership and program development.

 Analyzing Special Education Teacher Shortages: Data Tool for Practitioners

“The Analyzing Special Education Teacher Shortages: Data Tool for Practitioners” supports states, regions, districts, and educator preparation programs (EPPs) in identifying and visualizing the development of special education teacher shortages across the entire educator career continuum, from entry into EPPs to entering the classroom to becoming an experienced educator.

The Talent Development Framework and Covid 19: A Comprehensive and Systematic Approach to Address Talent Challenges

Based on the magnitude of the current challenge and what we know from existing research, the GTL center is encouraging states to approach COVID-19 talent challenges by using a comprehensive, data-driven approach rooted in four guiding recommendations. Check out the 4 guiding recommendations by clicking the link below.


Short Term Strategies for Dealing With Shortages of Special Education Teachers


The teacher shortage is real, large and growing, and worse than we thought.


Addressing Teacher Shortages With Differentiated Staffing Models


Learning Policy Institute - Teacher Shortages


Special Education Teacher Pipeline: Preparation, Workforce Entry, and Retention

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